Home Tour: The Evergreen Cottage

Light is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a place to live. This series takes us on a journey to three homes where light is key: For this home tour, we look inside a festive house in a cobblestoned corner of Copenhagen. Words by Brianna Covan. Photography by Peter Kragballe.

Emmy Elsner
Sep 2, 2021
2 min read

“The character of the house is so strong,” says Marie Worsaae, co-owner of the Danish knitwear line AIAYU. “I feel very humble that I’m allowed to live here and lucky to be a part of it and its history.” Located in the Frederiksstaden district of Copenhagen, where most of the houses are historically protected, her home sits near both the city and the harbor. The neighborhood’s architecture is asymmetrical and playful, reminiscent of the late-Baroque period. “It’s in the city, yet it’s airy and very calm,” she says. “I love to be here on my own.” Marie’s home reflects her relaxed and minimalist style: The bare walls are calming and the open spaces are gentle and comforting, which provides solitude from the busy city streets and her social schedule. While she enjoys local markets and bakeries, her home is still her retreat away from the hustle and bustle. “I feel like I’m alone in the city with no noise other than the sound of birds and my neighbors playing a tune,” she says.

Be patient and don’t try to put your home together too quickly
Blue house
This photo was taken looking up at a classic Nordic house in Reykjavik, contrasted against the winter sky

When Copenhagen’s short winter days steal away the light, Marie truly appreciates the large windows and open lighting in her space. Each room was designed with light in mind: It’s easy to rearrange the furniture to make the most of it during Denmark’s winters.

She decorates her house with a curator’s eye and a focus on the past. Just as Marie situates herself within the building’s history, she brings bits of her own life into the space: Her favorite furniture and decorations hold memories from loved ones, such as the Gustavian chairs from her late uncle. These chairs remind her of the moments that have shaped her life. Her advice for other homeowners to decorate would be this: “Be patient and don’t try to put your home together too quickly,” she says. “A home that feels patiently decorated gives a better feeling of the person who lives there and that person’s journey through life.”

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